Monday, April 11, 2011

True Blood-Exit wounds

I made this video (: IMA BIG FAN of True Blood (;

Saturday, April 9, 2011


I haven't been on here in forever!
A lot of things have happened since the last time I've been on here! Heh!
I've starred in a play, made the varisty Cheerleading squad and got asked to prom! (:
Being only a sophmore, that made my day (:
Hehe! I'm so happy.
Well I'm starting a new blog soon---> I want to be an author when I grow up, like really, so I'm going to write on here... Be prepared. And tell me what you think!
Alyssa Robyn.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Byee Byee Birdiee, Why'd youu havee to go?

I know I haven't blogged in a while.. But oh boii I have been busy!:)
You see a couple weeks ago, I auditioned for "Mrs.Macafee" In Bye Bye Birdie
If you don't kow what it is, Go look it Up;)
We've been working really really hard in the past couple months!
Tickets juss came out today, so all my Panama Citerss, go buy and see the show please!<--- Buy tickets here!
Our last show, the "Wizard of Oz" sold over a thousand tickets!
Our shows are really really entertaining, and you can't help but not fall in love with the characters!
Love and Rockets.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A simple picture,, turns into a ranting speech, Enjoy

Soo this is me without makeup.. Kinda looks washed out huh?
Now all you guys out there, only if you knew how long it takes a girl to look pretty for you,
How long, you pick out clothes, then change... then to walk out the door, come back and change again.
How much you mean to us.
Well, How much you mean to me Chase.

We would do anything for the ones we love.. Wouldn't we?
I hate when our parents are like "You don't know what love is"
Then tell me, What is the feeling of excitement when my eyes fall onto his face?
The way he holds me close, and you breathe in deep, just to smell his perfect embrace?
I never see you look at the one you love the way I look at Chase.
Believe, I cried enough tears, and held on to enough pain, to not know what love is.
If you would of asked me a year ago "what love means to me"
I would of called it a worthless emotion   that nobody needs.
But now.....
I have no possible clue what I would do if I didn't.
Thats my story,, && I'm sticking to it.
Love and Rockets,


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When you have a dog that weighs three times more then you do, never go walk him by a pond, Because in that pond there would be ducks, and some dogs like to chase them.
Into the pond, with me strapped on behind them.
I'm covered in nasty, greesy pond water, and a dog that I have to give a bath to, because he tends to smell like wet dog,
Word of Advice to all my Bloggers out there,
Get smaller animals.
Love & Rockets,

I had an interesting time in my Drama class today.
Instead of working on our scripts for our major production of "Bye Bye Birdie" we made awesome mustache's & talked out our most embarrassing moments.
Of course I won Best fake mustache.
I juss tend to be awesome at certain times in my life.
Haha, I found the head piece I'm wearing in the costume supplies to pull off the look;)
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...... GAG

I really don't know what they put into Mcdonalds now and days.
But for breakfast I had the hashbrowns and burruto.. It made me want throw up<_>
Like, I got done with it, & I was gagging.

Ronald McDonald. You disgust me.


So I have this crazy Biology teacher at my school, I mean, she's all OVER the place. My six year old brother is more organized then she is!
At my school we have a thing called "Dress Code"
Meaning, We have to wear Polos, and the polos HAVE to be school colors, which, is Red, White, Blue.
And we can wear jeans, and what not.
School "spirt shirts" are aloud to.
Well, My school really doesn't enforce dress code. I mean, we usually wear whatever we want, as long as it is close to school color, and isn't to graphic, or revealing,
I was wearing a white long sleeve shirt, with a school hoodie over it, doing my notes like a "Good Kid"
RANDOMLY out of no where, she was like "Dress code Check" (which she never does)
And she got to my row, and she got to me and in her nasily voice "Pull up your hoodie, "
So, I do and reveal my white shirt, she says " Go up to the office and get a shirt"
(Rules state that if your wearing a school hoodie, which I was, that it could be counted as dress code, and apparently she didn't know)
So annoyed, I go up to the office and get a slip signed saying I could wear it,
On my way to the office, I missed ALL of her notes, and which she gave a quiz on after she was done to see if we were paying attention.
When I come back give her my "slip"
I look over and notice eight kids out of "Dress Code" worse then I was.
One of them were even wearing a PINK SHIRT!
I was like, " Was I the only one who got called up"?
Michelle, my best friend was like "Yep."


Thats not even all of it,,
I was like "Can I borrow your notes because I missed them"?
She handed them to me, and I laid my head on the desk and started copying them.
Next thing I notice is her nasty wrinkley cold flesh hand swoop down and snatch my papers.
"What is your issue"? I snapped annoyed.
"You were cheating on your quiz"!
"Excuse me"???
She points to the quiz in her hand rips it up and throws it away.
Apparently when I was writing notes, she slipped the quiz on my desk and I didn't see it.

Well, I'm sorry,

Have you ever noticed how (no offense) black people can have festivals to celebrate African American history and what not.
But if Caucasian people do that, its Racist?
I juss don't understand that.
I mean (no offense) White people have achievements to?
Why can't we juss have a festival for us?
Because that would be called Racism right?
Ugh it frustrates me..
And also.
You know all the "Blonde Jokes"
There not funny anymore, So please everyone LAME person out there,
Please stop saying it.
It makes you sound retarded (No offense)
&& girls at my school who sleep with every guy possible to get "Popular".
Give it up.. give yourself 20 years  and you shall be regretting that, so would your husband, Juss sayin,

&& Dear MTV,
 Just because one season of "Tila Tequlia" was funny and had high ratings,
Doesn't mean you have to bring it back OVER AND OVER again. What is she like 30 now?
And you really need to get different ideas. "Fat people and prego people"
are reallyyy starting to get old.
Don't pull a "TLC" and start having shows where kids are practically naked dancing for a crowd of strange old men, and a repeating of shows of family's with multiple kids and little people.

Dear people that live in "upstairs" apartment buildings.

Thankyou for listening,
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