Sunday, February 20, 2011


So I have this crazy Biology teacher at my school, I mean, she's all OVER the place. My six year old brother is more organized then she is!
At my school we have a thing called "Dress Code"
Meaning, We have to wear Polos, and the polos HAVE to be school colors, which, is Red, White, Blue.
And we can wear jeans, and what not.
School "spirt shirts" are aloud to.
Well, My school really doesn't enforce dress code. I mean, we usually wear whatever we want, as long as it is close to school color, and isn't to graphic, or revealing,
I was wearing a white long sleeve shirt, with a school hoodie over it, doing my notes like a "Good Kid"
RANDOMLY out of no where, she was like "Dress code Check" (which she never does)
And she got to my row, and she got to me and in her nasily voice "Pull up your hoodie, "
So, I do and reveal my white shirt, she says " Go up to the office and get a shirt"
(Rules state that if your wearing a school hoodie, which I was, that it could be counted as dress code, and apparently she didn't know)
So annoyed, I go up to the office and get a slip signed saying I could wear it,
On my way to the office, I missed ALL of her notes, and which she gave a quiz on after she was done to see if we were paying attention.
When I come back give her my "slip"
I look over and notice eight kids out of "Dress Code" worse then I was.
One of them were even wearing a PINK SHIRT!
I was like, " Was I the only one who got called up"?
Michelle, my best friend was like "Yep."


Thats not even all of it,,
I was like "Can I borrow your notes because I missed them"?
She handed them to me, and I laid my head on the desk and started copying them.
Next thing I notice is her nasty wrinkley cold flesh hand swoop down and snatch my papers.
"What is your issue"? I snapped annoyed.
"You were cheating on your quiz"!
"Excuse me"???
She points to the quiz in her hand rips it up and throws it away.
Apparently when I was writing notes, she slipped the quiz on my desk and I didn't see it.

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  1. You should seriously talk to someone about this teacher, this is pretty much harassment. God I am so sorry for this!!!!! She sounds awful, especially since she is pin-pointing all of her rage on you.
    Also, this picture is very beautiful :)