Sunday, February 20, 2011

A simple picture,, turns into a ranting speech, Enjoy

Soo this is me without makeup.. Kinda looks washed out huh?
Now all you guys out there, only if you knew how long it takes a girl to look pretty for you,
How long, you pick out clothes, then change... then to walk out the door, come back and change again.
How much you mean to us.
Well, How much you mean to me Chase.

We would do anything for the ones we love.. Wouldn't we?
I hate when our parents are like "You don't know what love is"
Then tell me, What is the feeling of excitement when my eyes fall onto his face?
The way he holds me close, and you breathe in deep, just to smell his perfect embrace?
I never see you look at the one you love the way I look at Chase.
Believe, I cried enough tears, and held on to enough pain, to not know what love is.
If you would of asked me a year ago "what love means to me"
I would of called it a worthless emotion   that nobody needs.
But now.....
I have no possible clue what I would do if I didn't.
Thats my story,, && I'm sticking to it.
Love and Rockets,



  1. hey, you are really pretty with and without make up on. Just so you know. :) And I read your about me and profile, you seem amazing, can't wait to read more blogs from you and find out more about you. You seem quite interesting.

  2. Awhh thankyou;)))
    Believe me there will be PLENTY of more to come, so don't worry, I juss posted one now:)